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Radiology Courses

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We have a high-quality e-learning resource for radiologists around the globe.

You can choose from more 150 interactive sessions that cover all aspects of radiology. The programme is suitable for radiologists, radiology residents and fully qualified clinicians looking to reinforce or strengthen core knowledge.

The highly engaging content offered includes many interactive features, such as practical exercises and self-assessment questions, to reinforce your learning and understanding. Using interactive case studies, you can analyse written reports and enhance your skills in interpreting clinical information.


You can also view numerous high-quality images (including X-rays), ultrasound video clips and 3D diagrams, which creates greater spatial awareness and realism than textbook learning.


The one-day course provide and refresh the knowledge in a specific topics. They are also introduced in interactive manner.

Some courses are specially constructed so as to meet the needs of Radiology Specialist Registrars.

Many courses are suitable for consultants working in Radiology or for consultants in disciplines where the radiological findings are crucial to diagnosis and management.  It provides a “test yourself” opportunity – on numerous cases – that is useful to many of these senior doctors.

Here you will learn what makes our courses special. You’ll also get a sense of our passion for delivering excellent live online courses.

Interactive live online seminars are perfectly suited for continuing radiology education.

We are continuously expanding our courses. That’s one of the many reasons why we encourage you to check back with our regularly.

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